FASTag is a digitized way of electronic toll collection that has transformed the way we pay tolls. Operated by the National Highway Authority of India, it uses Radio Frequency Identification technology for enabling automatic toll payments. All you need to do is ensure you do your FASTag recharge regularly and the rest will be taken care of automatically.

FASTag is not only meant for your private cars, but also for various other vehicles. And you can buy FASTags for any of your eligible vehicles from various FASTag providers. One such provider is Airtel Payments Bank. Let’s take a look at the cost of getting a FASTag via Airtel Payments Bank.

Fees And Charges For Buying Airtel FASTag

The Tag Joining Fee which solely needs to be paid when buying an Airtel FASTag for the first time is only ₹100. Similarly, if you need the re-issue your FASTag, there’s a one-time fee of ₹100 that needs to be paid.

Now, although the joining and re-issuing fee is the same for every vehicle, the final cost to get FASTag for different vehicles will vary. This is due to the two other factors that impact the final price, which are the one-time security deposit and the reserved amount.

While the security deposit is merely for security purposes, the reserved amount is kept to ensure your smooth passing through a toll even if you haven’t done your FASTag recharge online and are low on balance. Let’s take a look at the differences between FASTag pricing and other factors for different vehicles:

  • Car / Jeep / Van

These come under Vehicle Class 4 and are identified with the tag colour dark blue or Indigo. For these vehicles, no security deposit is required. However, the reserved amount will be ₹150.

  • Light Commercial Vehicle – 2 Axle

Classified under Vehicle Class 5, this tag comes in the colour orange. Here, the security deposit charged is ₹200, while the reserved amount goes up to ₹300.

  • Bus – 3 Axle

3 Axle buses and Trucks come under Vehicle Class 6 and are identified with the tag colour yellow. The security deposit here remains the same i.e. ₹200. While the reserved amount is hiked up to ₹500.

  • Bus 2 Axle / Mini Bus, Truck 2 Axle

Here, the Vehicle Class goes up to 7 and the tag colour is seen as green. Meanwhile, the security deposit and reserved amount remain the same as above.

  • Tractor / Tractor With Trailer, Truck – 4, 5 & 6 Axle

Pink-coloured FASTag is for Vehicle Class 12 with a security deposit of ₹200 and a reserved amount of ₹500.

  • Truck 7 Axle And Above

The security deposit and reserved amount here remain the same as above. Meanwhile, Vehicle Class gets upgraded to 15 and the tag colour will be light blue.

  • Earth Moving / Heavy Construction Machinery

The last and final type of vehicle in this list is classified under Vehicle Class 16 and with the tag colour grey. While the security deposit is still ₹200, the reserved amount has increased to ₹700.

All the above-mentioned tag deposit rates will be refunded to only KYC Customers at the time of FASTag account closure. So make sure your KYC is up-to-date. Moreover, the charges mentioned above are subject to change. Hence, it is always advised to check before you buy FASTag.