What is a FASTag?

It is a radio frequency identification (RFID) technology-enabled device from which the toll taxes on the national highways get automatically deducted from your savings or a prepaid account. Currently, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) operates FASTags. A FASTag is meant for perpetual use unless damaged.

However, as a vehicle owner, you need to go online, recharge FASTag in order to keep the balance in your account for the same to be deducted as and when you pass through a toll plaza.

FASTag recharge may be done at petrol pumps, banks, and various payment banks. For FASTag, online recharge may also be done through credit card, debit card, or internet banking.

How to Recharge a FASTag Account?

Like all prepaid accounts, FASTag needs to be recharged periodically to keep the necessary balance in your account. FASTag may be recharged through both online and offline payment gateways. There are 22 banks that are identified to facilitate FASTag online recharge.

Here’s some important information regarding recharging of your FASTag account:

  1. The recharge may be done in denominations of Rs. 100/-
  2. If you happen to own multiple vehicles, a single FASTag wallet may be tagged with all of them.
  3. Maximum recharge amount on your wallet is Rs. 1 lac.

In the section below, let us have a look at the different modes of recharging your FASTag account.

Online Recharge Modes

  • BHIM UPI Handle – this is the fastest way to recharge your FASTag account. You need to enter your UPI account, enter the vehicle details, enter the recharge amount that you desire to have, and authenticate the payment by using your UPI PIN.
  • Auto Debit – you may issue a standing instruction to your bank. The bank shall auto-debit your account and recharge the FASTag account. The periodicity may be mutually decided between you and your bank. The most common way is a monthly recharge. The threshold limit for auto-debit may also be decided, which depends on the frequency of your travel through toll plazas.
  • NEFT/RTGS – This method of FASTag recharge may be adopted through your bank’s app or bank website. In order to recharge through this method, you need to log in to your bank app by entering your credentials. The vehicle details will have to be put in as a beneficiary. The vehicle registration number or FASTag wallet ID needs to be tagged. Once done, your FASTag account may be recharged as and when you need to do so.
  • Net Banking – You will require your online banking credentials for taking this method of recharging your FASTag account. After logging in to your net banking account, you will be required to visit the recharge section. There the FASTag wallet ID needs to select and enter the recharge amount as per your choice.

Please note convenience fees are charged by the institutions for online recharge of FASTag accounts. It is advisable to check with your bank to obtain further details in this regard.

Offline Research Mode

Under the offline mode of recharging your FASTag account, you may make the payment by cheque. In which case, the FASTag account will carry a validity of a maximum period of five years from the date of issuance. For accessing your statements, you will have to log in to the FASTag customer portal. You shall be notified of all transactions made through this account via SMS.

Having a FASTag account has a set of advantages. As a vehicle user going through a toll plaza, you need not stop to pay the tax, thereby wasting time. The toll is automatically collected through a paperless method. Apart from this, a payment through FASTag offers you a 25 percent discount on the toll tax.