A travel credit card can be an extremely valuable tool if used properly. The IDFC FIRST Bank travel credit cards, in particular, offer a wide array of perks, rewards, and savings that travellers can capitalise on.

By understanding all the features and strategically planning how you use the card, you can maximise the value you get from it. This guide will take you through tips to optimise your IDFC FIRST Bank credit card for travel savings.

Take Advantage of Travel Rewards

The most direct way to maximise value is to use your IDFC FIRST Bank travel cards like “Club Vistara” for ALL travel purchases and take advantage of the exceptional rewards you earn. You’ll rack up unlimited, non-expiring reward points to apply towards free flights, hotel stays, rental cars, cruises, and more.

Earn up to 5 Complimentary Premium Economy Ticket Vouchers on achieving spending milestones as this is about the “Club Vistara Credit Card.” Use the card when booking flights, hotels, transportation, sightseeing tours & tickets, meals, shopping, and other travel expenses.

The points will add up quickly. Log into your account and check what additional bonuses or multipliers you may qualify for with certain purchases or seasons.

Leverage Credit Perks & Savings

In addition to rewards, the IDFC FIRST Bank travel credit card provides cardholder privileges, discounts, insurance coverage and other money-saving perks. Take time to understand all these valuable features offered.

For example, you have access to the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection of over 900 upscale hotel properties worldwide. Booking here earns extra rewards and includes premium on-site benefits like room upgrades, dining credits, Wi-Fi and late checkouts.

Hundreds of travel discounts are also available through Visa merchant offers and partnerships. Search and save on car rentals, airport lounges, tours, ride shares, travel insurance, and more. Discounts of up to 20% can add up substantially.

You even earn fuel surcharge waivers in India, plus complimentary roadside assistance. Know what you have access to, and use services strategically.

Simplify Travel Spending & Payments

Managing travel finances and varying currencies across multiple countries grows complicated quickly. A good rewards credit card can greatly simply do this.

Your IDFC FIRST Bank travel credit card lets you seamlessly make purchases internationally without fussing with exchange rates. All charges incurred abroad are automatically converted into Indian rupees on your statements.

The card also helps you easily monitor and control trip expenses by consolidating all travel transactions onto a single, organised statement instead of tracking numerous bills and vendor payments. You’ll have clarity into where your money goes.

Redeem Points Strategically

As your earned rewards points accumulate over months of travel and everyday use, be strategic when redeeming them. Don’t reflexively take the first reward you see.

Instead, consider upcoming travel plans when deciding how to apply points best. Will you need to cover a large upcoming purchase like a family vacation or a dream experience abroad? If you have flexible travel dates, check redemption values by season, as some periods offer 25-50% higher redemption value than others.

Get the Family Involved

If your spouse or other family members also travel somewhat frequently, maximise up with an IDFC FIRST Bank rewards card tied to your account as well. This lets you effectively combine points earned across multiple cards while managing everything from a single-member dashboard. Family travel just became more rewarding!

Referring cards to friends or relatives also scores you nice sign-up point bonuses. Share the perks, and they’ll thank you later after their first redemptions.

The Bottom Line

Maximising travel credit card rewards takes a bit of dedication but pays major dividends. Using an IDFC FIRST Bank premium travel rewards card as outlined above lets you recoup thousands back yearly, redeemable towards incredible travelMaximisingces with family or solo. Always spend smartly by using the right card!