Like most registrations, a DSA Partner Registration is also a smooth & simple process. When you become a DSA Partner after registration, you are an individual who is a partner to the bank or financial institutions, working towards helping them with the leads they need in order to help them with the leads & convert them into loan applicants. The DSA Partner Registration process requires you to fit the eligibility criteria. The DSA Partner Registration eligibility criteria require you to be of age 18 years & over. It requires you to be an Indian citizen. The eligibility criteria also require you to have an idea about what finance is & have a basic knowledge of banking, finance & the services that they provide.

Here are the steps on how can you go about the DSA Partner Registration:

The steps are quick & easy for the application process. You can proceed with the application process for becoming a DSA Partner once you are eligible for being the DSA agent. The steps for the application process are as follows:

  1. Go to the financial institution’s website, either the bank or the Non Banking Financial Company & click on the “partner program” option that is available.
  2. It will pop open a registration form. You will need to fill out the registration form with the relevant details that are necessary to begin the DSA Partner registration
  3. After you submit your application, an institute representative will reach out to you and ask you to meet with them to discuss your application.
  4. As a DSA Channel Partner, you will have the opportunity to walk through the entire process at hand with the institution’s manager.
  5. In order to complete the process, you will need to agree to the partnership with the financial institution. Your DSA Channel Partner status will be confirmed once you sign a contract with the institute.
  6. There are several documents involved here, including an Aadhar Card, a PAN Card, a driving license, and information about your bank account. Credit history plays an important role in your life. Essentially, a credit history shows how well you are able to pay back loans you have borrowed in the past. As a result, the lending institution feels more confident. You can also borrow loans at a lower interest rate and pay lower EMIs with a good credit score.

It is very important to follow the above mentioned steps to become a DSA-registered partner. This will set you up as a DSA Partner & will also allow you to work professionally in the field & apply the knowledge that you have been provided by the manager of the institution.

Within a short period of of time, you can become a DSA Partner with the help of the above shared guidelines. A DSA Partner is not considered to be an employee. However, the role is varied & comes with the benefits of flexible hours. In this day and age, the flexibility of hours is definitely a privilege. Read the contract & all the other documents before registering.