A pre-settlement loan is funding which is given to those who have made a personal injury claim, and whose case is ongoing. Speaking to Washington DC catastrophic injury attorney Regan Zambri Long, it is clear that this funding provides huge support to those in need. These loans are not repaid if the client doesn’t win the case, which makes them an even more attractive option to those who are financially impacted by an injury. If you do plan to take out this kind of funding option, here are some tips to bear in mind.


If you have a poor credit history then you shouldn’t worry about whether or not to make an application for this kind of funding. Each application is measured based on the strength of the case, and not as to whether or not the loanee is trustworthy. After all the money is repaid directly from the courts in the event of a victory, which places no responsibility on the shoulders of the victim making the claim.

How To Spend The Money

There are absolutely no restrictions on how you can spend the money which is loaned to you. With this being said however it would be foolish to spend this cash on anything other than the cost of living. Those who lose money or face mounting medical bills as a result of an injury which wasn’t their fault, usually have issues when it comes to paying the basic monthly bills. This therefore is what your loan should be dedicated towards.

Length of the Case

It is important to remember that a case could roll on for a number of months, before compensation is awarded and received. With this in mind you will have to make sure that the loan which you have been given can stretch far enough until the end of the case. Sadly there are some instances where people spend the money quickly, and then once again find themselves with financial difficulties before the case has been resolved. This money should be planned out and you should speak with a lawyer to get an understanding as to how long the case should go on for.

Which Company To Use

There are a number of companies which will offer this kind of loan, and each will vary in terms of the amount of interest which they charge and the terms of the loan. The best course of action here is to speak with your legal team, who will be able to give you recommendations as to which the best companies are. Law firms have a lot of experience in this, and they can help you to find the pre-settlement loan which is most favorable, and provided by a reputable company.

This is the perfect choice for those who are struggling financially whilst their case is still proceeding, and it can make life so much easier after the financial impact of an injury which was caused through someone else’s negligence.